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New Developments

by Robin

10/13/10 - I’ve heard people say, many times by now, that in a few years East Harlem will look nothing like its current self.  What really brought that thought home to me was seeing, one Sunday afternoon in early September, the wave of shoppers heading east – on foot and in those free shuttle busses – from the Lexington Avenue subway toward the big box stores that had at last arrived on the island of Manhattan.  By then, all of them had opened and the thrill of being able to get there without driving was propelling Manhattanites who had never been to East Harlem, much less heard of it to uncharted territory at 116th and the FDR. 

And still they come…

A friend told me that her first trip to the new East River Plaza made her curious about the neighborhood, even prompting her to check out housing options, which she found to be surprisingly good.  Not that she’s going to move her family from their cushy apartment in the heart of the Upper East Side, but if even she wanted to know more, what about the more mobile in search of a new, reasonably priced frontier?

In Episode 7, the owner/developer of a new office and retail building tells prospective tenants and brokers that young people going to and from Stamford by train from 125th Street have brought more foot traffic, more life and more dollars to the area - in other words, more Naflers.  The new Hunter School of Social Work at 119th and Third is bringing with it a dormitory, the exteriors pretty much done in time for winter.  A few new restaurants have popped up since June.  Even the older buildings are getting facelifts, and those luxury condos just keep on coming.

In a few years?  Just wait until Nafler season 2011.

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